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Megs Favorite Splurge Worthy Sandals

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Megs Favorite Splurge Worthy Sandals

Happy Thursday everyone! Today while organizing my closet, I came up with the perfect idea for a blog post. Sandals!! My favorite splurge worthy luxury sandals to be exact. Now don’t take this post the wrong way, I am a Target girl at heart. One thing I love to do is mix my everyday affordable clothes with some luxury shoes or Jewelry. I just don’t think there is anything wrong with sharing these beautiful pieces and I hope you don’t either. I enjoy following others who share all of their fancy things! I love it. I usually put it on my wish list and save until I can get it! We actually just booked a trip to Arizona for spring break and I am really excited to bust these sandals out and take them for a whirl!

Here are some of my favorite Luxury sandals:

One of my favorite websites to buy sandals or really any shoe from is Steve Madden. There are so many designer dupes. I don’t believe these are a dupe for any specific shoe BUT aren’t they beautiful! These are called the “Brielle” sandal and the color is “pink”. They also come in nude and multi colored. I’m thinking these will look amazing with a floral spring dress. I cant wait to style them this spring! Go away Michigan snow! Here is a link if you want to shop these shoes.

These sandals were a favorite of mine last spring and summer. They will continue to be a favorite this year. They are definitely a splurge BUT completely worth every penny! I wore them constantly and can be dressed up with a spring dress, or down with pair of denim shorts and a tank top. They have a new design out this spring/summer with gold detailing. Ugh. I want them so bad. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet but I will let ya’ll know if I do.

The famous Tory Burch “Miller” sandal. They have a cult following and for good reason. They are comfortable, cute and you can style them with just about anything. I have two other pairs, black patent leather and nude leather. These were a new purchase for me last spring/summer and I couldn’t not include them. These are also a bit of a splurge but more reasonable than our Chloe Sandals above. Don’t hesitate though! They are worth it.

The Birkenstock! I remember my older sisters both had a pair while growing up. I’m pretty positive Erin still owns hers from the 90’s. These particular Birks are made of Rubber and you can get them in many different colors. They are perfect to pair with you bathing suit for the beach, the sand just rinses right off. You can also pair them with denim or a casual dress AND There are so many amazing dupes. I might do a separate post just on that! These are affordable, cute and comfy!

My favorite pair of slides I have ever purchased. Aren’t the pearls just to die for? I think they give them such a feminine vibe. I love these slides because you can wear them with just about everything. The neutral color goes with everything. Wear them to the pool, the beach, out for lunch or lounging around your house. They are Gucci for goodness sakes and these babies are AMAZING.

*I linked another Gucci slide (bloom slides) above because these pearl slides are no longer available on their website. I was able to find this exact pair on Ebay. Click HERE if interested

Another beauty by Steve Madden. This pair is called “Travel” and is the color “Tan”. They also come in a “Clear” color AND this year they make this same sandal with a pearl embellishment. I’m not going to lie they are next on my list. These are a great choice to wear with ankle length jeans. I would also pair them with a spring dress. I personally am not a fan of pairing them with denim shorts but, I have seen others do it and it looks great on them.

I bought these Fendi slides last month. These are very similar to the Birkenstock sandal. One of my favorite Instagram influencers wore these all last summer. They were out of stock. I envied her all summer and basically staked the computer until they came back in stock in my size. These are one of my favorites because they are comfortable and they are more casual. If you are looking for a casual luxury sandal, these are it!

Okay, so how many of these have I said are my favorite? I was LYING. These are my favorite. These pearl embellished Chanel Sandals are beautiful. They will perfectly pair with just about anything. They can go from casual to dressy. I purchased these at Saks on a shopping date with my sister. Have you ever used their personal shopping service? You should. Our shopper helped me pick out these beauties, and for that I am grateful.

*I linked these sandals to the Chanel website. You cannot purchase them online. If you are interested you can click and contact a Chanel Advisor.

Last, but not least, are these pink Gucci pool slides. I love the bright vibrant color. I wore them quite often this summer to our neighborhood pool. I also took them on our beach vacation and they are great at the beach. The sand rinses right off. If you are in the Market for a slide, I would highly recommend them.

Don’t forget to let me know in the comments what pair I shared is your favorite or what splurge worthy sandals are on your wish list?

xoxo, Meg

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  1. Samantha says:

    I love all of these!! The perfect sandals for spring and summer!

  2. Love these! Can not wait for spring!! I miss sandles!

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