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Some of favorite Target spring Items


Some of favorite Target spring Items

Target is my Jam. My very favorite place. I love to wander the isles and look at everything. When my kids were little, it was also their favorite place to go! All 3 loved to get a popcorn and check out every new toy in the toy section. Quite often they would get a new toy. My husband Bryan and I joke that we should have started our kids a YouTube channel. This was back in 2010 and who knows where their Toy Review YouTube would be now! Anyways, since I am now a Mom to school aged children, I ocasionally get to visit Target on my own. Recently, I was able to pick up a few new spring items. Here are my favorites:

I’m actually loving all the crop tops that are out right now. I know a lot of moms are like “what is this crop top trend…NO” BUT crop tops are perfect paired with any high waisted denim. Or if you ask my daughter it would pair nicely with some Lulu leggings. I’m not sure If I would take it that far! This Wild Fable white crop top is the perfect neutral. I have it paired here with these Wild Fable High Waisted shorts. They come in two colors and they are only 15.00 dollars guys! They are completely mom appropriate and the price is just right. In the Market for some perfectly pink sandals? I linked them here.

This adorable pink peplum top is probably my favorite from this haul. First, I love the color and second that eyelet detailing is really on trend! Just a tip, if you are larger on top like me. Go up a size. I ordered this top in a Medium. I am usually a small in all Target tops. But when I’m worried about my boobs taking up too much room, I buy a size up. This top looks amazing with those same Wild Fable shorts or a favorite pair of mom jeans. I also, linked one of my favorite pairs of Steve Madden sandals here.

One of my favorite Instagram influencers recommended this top. I love the floral detail. Obviously its perfect for spring. I’m a big fan of a light long sleeve top while transitioning from winter to spring. This top comes in three different colors, blue, grey and this rose pink color. All are adorable! I paired this top with the darker version wild fable short. Super comfy and with the florals on trend for spring! Chloe sandals are linked here.

This is the perfect workout top. Or lets face it, we are living through a pandemic, athleisure is appropriate at all times. I wish you could feel how soft it is. I am picky when purchasing anything I am going to workout it. It needs to be soft and comfortable. This checks both boxes. This is available in five different colors. This particular tank is taupe. Also who doesn’t love a neutral tie dye print? Pair this with your favorite pair of leggings and some sneakers and you are good to go!

Which Target find is your favorite? Have you done any spring shopping yet? Let me know in the comments!

xoxo, Meg

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  1. brianne says:

    I wish target was still a thing in montreal, I miss it! it’s always my go to place when I go to the states

  2. LOVE those Chloe sandals :)!!

    1. Love these looks so much…Great looks for the spring!

  3. I love all of the outfits that you have picked! I can’t wait until spring comes! The sandals are really cute!

  4. Absolutely love all of these looks! Great picks and the Chanel sandals are my fav!

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